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A year has passed

Posted: November 2, 2011 in barista, Cocktails, travel, vancouver

Its been a year out since i have left coffee and have gotten behind the stick and started to mix drinks again which had a few bumps along the way with re-learning specs of drinks and getting my rhythm back into being able to consistently make cocktails and serve without getting flustered.

It took a few months of re adjusting and the kick i needed to up my game finally got me back to speed.

In the year that has passed,I have entered quite a few comps,have one a couple and placed in a few.
The layout is similar to barista comps BUT its all compressed into 5-10 mins,depending on the comp,which at first was quite daunting but you got used to it,and going up against heavy hitters in the industry really got my skills honed probably better than what it was a decade ago when i left to travel to pursue coffee.

I really enjoyed Black Box comps,where you dont know what your getting till you open the box,it tested you out for creativity and originality.I also love the community and the way everyone encourages you push yourself at every drink you make.

I will be moving from The Cascade Room on Main St to our new bar that is opening up on Union St just off Main,and have been handed the helm to write up a cocktail menu for the new bar,which is pushing me to come up with some fun and tasty drinks.As soon as it opens i hopefully will have pics of the drinks and the recipes up as well.

Im also the second competitor for this months Bittered Sling Bistro Competition,which is an off shoot to The Cocktail Kitchen,which will be keeping me on my toes.



Posted: January 11, 2009 in comics, travel, vancouver

Just something totally different and nothing to do with coffee or cocktails.
I cant wait for this one to come out

So lets get things straight

Wicked cafe will be opening a second location somewhere in vancouver,where it is i cannot say….Yet!
So keep your eyes peeled for us opening in a neighbourhood near you.