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A year has passed

Posted: November 2, 2011 in barista, Cocktails, travel, vancouver

Its been a year out since i have left coffee and have gotten behind the stick and started to mix drinks again which had a few bumps along the way with re-learning specs of drinks and getting my rhythm back into being able to consistently make cocktails and serve without getting flustered.

It took a few months of re adjusting and the kick i needed to up my game finally got me back to speed.

In the year that has passed,I have entered quite a few comps,have one a couple and placed in a few.
The layout is similar to barista comps BUT its all compressed into 5-10 mins,depending on the comp,which at first was quite daunting but you got used to it,and going up against heavy hitters in the industry really got my skills honed probably better than what it was a decade ago when i left to travel to pursue coffee.

I really enjoyed Black Box comps,where you dont know what your getting till you open the box,it tested you out for creativity and originality.I also love the community and the way everyone encourages you push yourself at every drink you make.

I will be moving from The Cascade Room on Main St to our new bar that is opening up on Union St just off Main,and have been handed the helm to write up a cocktail menu for the new bar,which is pushing me to come up with some fun and tasty drinks.As soon as it opens i hopefully will have pics of the drinks and the recipes up as well.

Im also the second competitor for this months Bittered Sling Bistro Competition,which is an off shoot to The Cocktail Kitchen,which will be keeping me on my toes.


I had the pleasure of meeting Lucky back in 2002,back then he just had a marquesan face tattoo done,he was having lunch at a restaurant i worked in called savage in surry hills.

So I watching a short film movie this evening after quite a hectic day at the cafe,i think this is the ultimate in baristas revenge to those select customers,who misunderstand cafe etiquitte,and i imagine this scenario has gone through your mind when your up to your eyeballs with orders,no matter how hard you try to accommodate to everyones needs.It reminds me of a part in Toby Cecchini’s book- Cosmopolitan:A bartenders Life where he grabs a patron by the hair and drags them out of his bar Passerby in New York after catching them stealing wines from him,A worthy read for any bartender or anyone who is in the industry.Other books to add to the collection is Anthony Bourdain Kitchen Confidential and Waiting:True Confessions of a waitress by Debra Ginsberg


Posted: January 11, 2009 in comics, travel, vancouver

Just something totally different and nothing to do with coffee or cocktails.
I cant wait for this one to come out

L.A. What can I say

Posted: December 15, 2008 in beer, cafes, Coffee, travel, weather

Just had 3 days of work after arriving home from L.A. hanging out with Deaton and Julia and the crew at Intelly,although it was winter,i found it rather strange to be walking around L.A. in shorts and t-shirt and donning my hoodie in the evening.
So Kylie and I arrived in LAX,collected our bags and asked around to find the Hertz bus that will take us to where our car is waiting.After a 10 min bus ride we arrived at the service counter and was greeted by a somewhat cheery lady with coke bottle glasses and ginger hair,she was nice enough but after spending a few minutes giving our details to her,everything started to go downhill,she couldnt find our booking for the car on her records,although i gave her all the paperwork that was needed,ref.numbers and names passport,licenses the works,still no love,so after almost 20 min she looks over to her screen and works out she mis typed and inserted a wrong number,so error fixed,now we have to change terminals to do a print out of renting contracts and all that,at this stage i was hanging for a coffee and breakfast,and my attention span started to wonder.
by this stage it has taken almost half an hour for her to work out the terminal and Kylie is starting to get annoyed and me just getting anxious without having my brew in the morning.Almost an hour has now passed and im getting very irritated,and might i say it was warm and humid by this stage<finally we are set and ready to start our adventures in L.A. until we get to the car,no gps like we had just paid for so off i go back to the office to see what was going on,and 20 mins later we were given a new car with gps and we are ready to roll.
So Kylie punches in the addy to Intelligentsia cafe in Silverlake and we go on as instructed by the voice in the box.
Its now a good 10 mins on the road and i get back my aggressive driving style that i had when living in Sydney,and we had fun trying to get back on the freeway after taking a wrong turn off or two but are now back in business.after finding a parking spot i get out of the car eager to have nourishment and walk around the corner to Intelly cafe

After Re-fuelling its off to the roast works to meet Deaton


After getting the grand tour we headed of to Deatons for some beers


This goes on my favourites list of beers.

After A few cooling ales it was off to dinner and we met up with Brent,Ryan,Monica and Ashley


Posted: October 3, 2008 in cafes, Coffee, snow, Tattoo, travel, Uncategorized, weather

So its been quite a while since the last post.
here it is in a nutshell.
went to toronto for a day to get momiji,alex,and sam ready for the eastern regionals,the guys did very well sam 1st,momiji 4th,alex 5th.
started to train for the western regionals but i had to pull my trainee out due to an ankle injury,which was a bummer as alicia was doing quite well.
started to go through the motions of hiring staff for the second cafe,which meant loads of training to get the new staff up to speed,some didnt survive so i kept up the mission in search of staff.which meant not being in the cafe for over 2 months in the dungeon,kylie looked after the cafe as i wasnt there that much,do miss the regulars.
went to the calgary tattoo convention,got bummed out as i found out that my chosen artist was sent home by the canadian immigration….boo-urns.
in steps nick chaboya who answered my desparate email the night before,by this time i came to the realisation that kyie and i arent getting any ink done,when lo and behold the ink gods smiled on us and granted us ink.7 hours later i had a new calf piece which also took out tattoo of the day,thanks nick,i cant wait to get some more ink off you in cali,sorry i couldnt make it to the barcelona and london convention.
whistler had their first snowfall last week…woo hoo,bring that shit on,so over summer and fake tans and tanning salons

tommorrow we have a soft opening for wicked 2,and a good friend of mine jenny goes back to switzerland after visiting me,its been almost 5 years since i saw her last,so cool to catch up

the bosses had a baby boy…yay for mihwa and brad.oh and woo hoo for their other baby….wicked 2

So news so far at home is that Starbucks will close 61 stores in Australia,with 85 stores nationally,it would be a huge dent on the market.

Although Im not sad to see them pull up stumps and go.
I remember the early days in Sydney When they first came into town and opened up near the cafe i was working at in Chatswood and the staff at Starbucks Would walk around to our place and harrass the customers with their versions of a short black served in a plastic cup,and our customers would just look at the guys and look at me to see if that was cool to do and i would say go ahead put it up against the one i made you and see which one you like.The look on the faces was just priceless.

I was probably a little sadistic at that point,so instead of letting the pain continue i had to ask the starbucks staff not to harass my customers again.

With the Australian espresso culture being so strong i am surprised that they managed to have survived so long,but then again what would the international students drink?