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Its been quite a while since ive actually thought about writing.

But this week something happened,in the mail i received a book from my sister for my birthday.
It was a tattoo book,not your ordinary old tattoo book,its MAU MOKO,The World of Maori Tattoo by Ngahuia Te Awekotuku and Linda Waimarie Nikora.
I havnt yet started reading its content but have quickly flicked through it to get a preview of whats to come,so im excited to get into it.

Ive also been learning a lot about filipino tattooing,being filipino myself,im kinda curious of what indigenous tattooing culture are alive in my country of birth.
what piqued my curiousity to learn about my roots was the sad passing of my grandmother.
As a child before moving to Australia,she would tell me stories,but i never understood any of it.
Now a few years after her passing,curiosity was getting to the point where it cant be ignored any longer,so with the help of the internet i started to search.

What i found was TAKTAK NG APAT NA ALON TRIBE its a group of young guys doing a revival of filipino tribal tattooing.
its a dying art form,and so is the history which is unfortunate as there isn’t many of the head hunters left in the Philippines,so its quite inspiring to see these guys bringing back the awareness within the filipino community.

the second thing i Found was Lars Krutak
Now Lars Is an antrhopologist who is travelling around the world documenting tattoos.
There are a lot of beautiful pictures taken of the kalinga tribe,which i hope i get to see for myself.

Third find was The Vanishing Tattoo this is a website focussing on tribes from Borneo,Polynesia,Philippines,all the way to Scotland.
Now…..this is where it gets quite cool,i was in my kitchen preparing a snack,when i see him park his car,Vince calls out to say hello,now,in the 3 years ive lived in the apartment building,we have probably crossed paths a couple of times and exchanged quick hellos.
Today was different,as i leaned out my window to have a chat he hands me a dvd…..The Vanishing Tattoo
Strange,i said to him,Ive been wanting this dvd for ages.
Its yours
Sweet… we talked more and i said to him,have you heard of Lars Krutak,he said yes,and my jaw dropped……Ive done work with him.
my knees almost buckled.
Holy Shit,Not only did Vince know him but has also worked with him,so the icing on the cake was he also did The Vanishing Tattoo dvd.
All this time of trying to find info on history on traditional filipino tattooing,i find out my neigbour is a contributor on one of the sites i found.


I had the pleasure of meeting Lucky back in 2002,back then he just had a marquesan face tattoo done,he was having lunch at a restaurant i worked in called savage in surry hills.


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So its been quite a while since the last post.
here it is in a nutshell.
went to toronto for a day to get momiji,alex,and sam ready for the eastern regionals,the guys did very well sam 1st,momiji 4th,alex 5th.
started to train for the western regionals but i had to pull my trainee out due to an ankle injury,which was a bummer as alicia was doing quite well.
started to go through the motions of hiring staff for the second cafe,which meant loads of training to get the new staff up to speed,some didnt survive so i kept up the mission in search of staff.which meant not being in the cafe for over 2 months in the dungeon,kylie looked after the cafe as i wasnt there that much,do miss the regulars.
went to the calgary tattoo convention,got bummed out as i found out that my chosen artist was sent home by the canadian immigration….boo-urns.
in steps nick chaboya who answered my desparate email the night before,by this time i came to the realisation that kyie and i arent getting any ink done,when lo and behold the ink gods smiled on us and granted us ink.7 hours later i had a new calf piece which also took out tattoo of the day,thanks nick,i cant wait to get some more ink off you in cali,sorry i couldnt make it to the barcelona and london convention.
whistler had their first snowfall last week…woo hoo,bring that shit on,so over summer and fake tans and tanning salons

tommorrow we have a soft opening for wicked 2,and a good friend of mine jenny goes back to switzerland after visiting me,its been almost 5 years since i saw her last,so cool to catch up

the bosses had a baby boy…yay for mihwa and brad.oh and woo hoo for their other baby….wicked 2

The Ultimate in Competition music while doing your signature drinks

So lets get things straight

Wicked cafe will be opening a second location somewhere in vancouver,where it is i cannot say….Yet!
So keep your eyes peeled for us opening in a neighbourhood near you.

What the hell is going on with this weather on the west coast?

I was looking forward to more snow falling here in B.C. during february,but no…

All we get is warm rain now,which is melting the snow,which is quite annoying,this time last year we saw a decent dusting throughout february which kept the runs nice and soft.

Although on the other side of the country its in the minuses,toronto is -25,i think i watch the weather channel toomuch these days and its starting to annoy me when its snowing everywhere else.I guess not riding in the last 2 weeks is getting to me, and the thoughts of being in fernie with all that champagne powder and hardly anyone up on the hills gets me slightly wound up,although i wasnt fortunate enough to experience the waist deep powder they got a few weeks before,i did get to ride knee deep stuff


walking back home from a session,i wish i had someone with a ski doo to tow me round through all this snow as it was all untouched wouldve been a laugh


cedar bowl


hardly anyone on the hill was a plus,being able to do big carves without danger of taking anyone out was one hell of a ride


Its been so long since the last time i wrote about cocktails.
So ive been surfing for some videos or so of cocktails just to get some inspiration from bartenders,and what i found almost made me sick,bartenders killing classic drinks such as this offering from with their version of the irish coffee.doesnt really have that much substance on the drink apart from slapping it all together

Compared to this offering from Angus Winchester,Mixologist extrodanaire and i believe he’s into molecular mixology as well,which is crossing over from food,coffee and now into cocktails which is quite exciting.

Angus’s delivery and short history on this drink (daquiri),is a pleasure to watch,to see a talented bartender deliver this drink well with the step by step guide on technique,a good way to learn if your a budding home mixologist.

A good book for any budding mixologist would be Craft of the Cocktail by Dale De Groff,a great read and a must for any working bartender