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So I watching a short film movie this evening after quite a hectic day at the cafe,i think this is the ultimate in baristas revenge to those select customers,who misunderstand cafe etiquitte,and i imagine this scenario has gone through your mind when your up to your eyeballs with orders,no matter how hard you try to accommodate to everyones needs.It reminds me of a part in Toby Cecchini’s book- Cosmopolitan:A bartenders Life where he grabs a patron by the hair and drags them out of his bar Passerby in New York after catching them stealing wines from him,A worthy read for any bartender or anyone who is in the industry.Other books to add to the collection is Anthony Bourdain Kitchen Confidential and Waiting:True Confessions of a waitress by Debra Ginsberg


L.A. What can I say

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Just had 3 days of work after arriving home from L.A. hanging out with Deaton and Julia and the crew at Intelly,although it was winter,i found it rather strange to be walking around L.A. in shorts and t-shirt and donning my hoodie in the evening.
So Kylie and I arrived in LAX,collected our bags and asked around to find the Hertz bus that will take us to where our car is waiting.After a 10 min bus ride we arrived at the service counter and was greeted by a somewhat cheery lady with coke bottle glasses and ginger hair,she was nice enough but after spending a few minutes giving our details to her,everything started to go downhill,she couldnt find our booking for the car on her records,although i gave her all the paperwork that was needed,ref.numbers and names passport,licenses the works,still no love,so after almost 20 min she looks over to her screen and works out she mis typed and inserted a wrong number,so error fixed,now we have to change terminals to do a print out of renting contracts and all that,at this stage i was hanging for a coffee and breakfast,and my attention span started to wonder.
by this stage it has taken almost half an hour for her to work out the terminal and Kylie is starting to get annoyed and me just getting anxious without having my brew in the morning.Almost an hour has now passed and im getting very irritated,and might i say it was warm and humid by this stage<finally we are set and ready to start our adventures in L.A. until we get to the car,no gps like we had just paid for so off i go back to the office to see what was going on,and 20 mins later we were given a new car with gps and we are ready to roll.
So Kylie punches in the addy to Intelligentsia cafe in Silverlake and we go on as instructed by the voice in the box.
Its now a good 10 mins on the road and i get back my aggressive driving style that i had when living in Sydney,and we had fun trying to get back on the freeway after taking a wrong turn off or two but are now back in business.after finding a parking spot i get out of the car eager to have nourishment and walk around the corner to Intelly cafe

After Re-fuelling its off to the roast works to meet Deaton


After getting the grand tour we headed of to Deatons for some beers


This goes on my favourites list of beers.

After A few cooling ales it was off to dinner and we met up with Brent,Ryan,Monica and Ashley

So im looking through photos on the computer and came across my tokyo pics that i totally forgot about.
I found a few interesting cafes in tokyo off the beaten track while i was wandering the back streets of Ginza,Akihabara and Asakusa.


I found this place in Asakusa but it wasnt open at the time as it was too early in the morning.




Cafe Paulista I was told was one of the oldest cafes in tokyo,and was the first to bring coffee to japan.
It was quite interesting to have a coffee in there,it was very quiet in atmosphere full of business men with gorgeous girls,almost seems like a scene out of a movie,the tables and chairs were quite short,i felt like a giant walking in,with my shorts and t shirt and heavily tattooed self,the whole room stopped and looked,as thoughts of previous movies as old boy run through my head i was sure as shit i was going to get jumped and every one in suits will be on me like no ones business,but unfortunately that wasnt the case,just my over active imagination and the heat getting the better of me.So i ordered a nice iced coffee to cool me down for the next half hour as i get ready to hit the road.


As i was walking round Akihabara looking for a bite too eat, i came across this cool billboard amongst all the electronic advertisements for cameras,sex shops and icecream,after taking it i wander off around the corner and found this little gem







The Pole Shop Cafe in the backstreets of Akihabara was a cool little find so i found an excuse to pop in there and get out of the heat while i had another iced coffee,maybe the coffee will make me forget that im hungry i dont know.
there was a few people in the booths talking amongst themselves chain smoking malboros and laughing,im starting to enjoy a bit of people watching and trying to capture the whole essence of the conversation without knowing a lick of japanese was quite entertaining.
After watching the guy use the air roaster and do a roast i set off to find lunch as i couldnt put off the cravings for ramen.


After slurping my way through the ramen off i go


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So im sitting here in a hotel in asakusara,wondering when in hell it will ever drop in temperature.
since i have arrived into tokyo i have consumed a lot of liquids,mostly what i initially thought of as disgusting when i first saw it in a vending machine in takashimadaira station.the machine had a huge sign called pocari i was a little intimidated when i looked at it in the vending machine.
what the hell were they selling here?
thoughts of sumo wrestlers harvesting their sweat after a hard days wrestling and manhandling each other in the heat and then bottling the sweat to sell to everyone to drink kinda got me on guard.
but being so parched and dry as a nun,i took the plunge and dropped in 120 yen and the machine quietly dispensed my sumo sweat.
so upon opening the bottle and taking a huge swig,to my surpise all it tasted of was i read a little more of the lable and the whole thing was explained to me.
it was like gatorade or any of the other electrolyte drinks on the market which was a huge relief.
i also noticed a lot of canned coffee that all the kids are drinking,mind you i tried it but it wasnt something i liked.


canned coffee….


this is what i loved the most…150 yen for 200mls of sake goodness


and i also liked this….
270 yen for half a litre can of asahi