Flor de Cana Finals

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

I made the finals and will be competing for a trip to Nicaragua,and im up against 22 talented bartenders.
The 23 Competitors in the 2nd Annual CPBA Cocktail Challenge are:
(in no particular order)
Tarquin Melnyk – Global Wine Merchants / Lamplighter Pub?
Robert “H” Holl-Allen – Jules Bistro
Graham Racich – The Refinery
Tia Stonier – The Mix by Rics
Keenan Hood – The Keefer Bar
Jonathan Richard – The Vancouver Club
Jason Browne – Calabash Bistro
Arthur Wynne – The Cascade Room
Katie Sita – Cin Cin
Grant Sceney – Lobby Lounge Bar Fairmont Pacific Rim
Rob Scope – Calabash Bistro
Jon Smolensky – Hawksworth Restaurant
Evelyn Chick – Uva Wine Bar
Giovanni Giardino – Campagnolo
Joey Donnelly – Granville Room
Marc Smolinski – A Drinker’s Peace
Trevor Kallies – Donnelly Group
Joel Virginillo – The Refinery
Derek Vanderheide – Rosewood Hotel Georgia (1927 & Prohibition)
Justin Taylor – Yew Restaurant & Bar
Colin Macdougall – Blue Water Cafe
Gez McAlpine – The Keefer Bar
Marlo Panucci – The Market at Shagri-La


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