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Its been quite a while since ive actually thought about writing.

But this week something happened,in the mail i received a book from my sister for my birthday.
It was a tattoo book,not your ordinary old tattoo book,its MAU MOKO,The World of Maori Tattoo by Ngahuia Te Awekotuku and Linda Waimarie Nikora.
I havnt yet started reading its content but have quickly flicked through it to get a preview of whats to come,so im excited to get into it.

Ive also been learning a lot about filipino tattooing,being filipino myself,im kinda curious of what indigenous tattooing culture are alive in my country of birth.
what piqued my curiousity to learn about my roots was the sad passing of my grandmother.
As a child before moving to Australia,she would tell me stories,but i never understood any of it.
Now a few years after her passing,curiosity was getting to the point where it cant be ignored any longer,so with the help of the internet i started to search.

What i found was TAKTAK NG APAT NA ALON TRIBE its a group of young guys doing a revival of filipino tribal tattooing.
its a dying art form,and so is the history which is unfortunate as there isn’t many of the head hunters left in the Philippines,so its quite inspiring to see these guys bringing back the awareness within the filipino community.

the second thing i Found was Lars Krutak
Now Lars Is an antrhopologist who is travelling around the world documenting tattoos.
There are a lot of beautiful pictures taken of the kalinga tribe,which i hope i get to see for myself.

Third find was The Vanishing Tattoo this is a website focussing on tribes from Borneo,Polynesia,Philippines,all the way to Scotland.
Now…..this is where it gets quite cool,i was in my kitchen preparing a snack,when i see him park his car,Vince calls out to say hello,now,in the 3 years ive lived in the apartment building,we have probably crossed paths a couple of times and exchanged quick hellos.
Today was different,as i leaned out my window to have a chat he hands me a dvd…..The Vanishing Tattoo
Strange,i said to him,Ive been wanting this dvd for ages.
Its yours
Sweet… we talked more and i said to him,have you heard of Lars Krutak,he said yes,and my jaw dropped……Ive done work with him.
my knees almost buckled.
Holy Shit,Not only did Vince know him but has also worked with him,so the icing on the cake was he also did The Vanishing Tattoo dvd.
All this time of trying to find info on history on traditional filipino tattooing,i find out my neigbour is a contributor on one of the sites i found.