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Posted: October 3, 2008 in cafes, Coffee, snow, Tattoo, travel, Uncategorized, weather

So its been quite a while since the last post.
here it is in a nutshell.
went to toronto for a day to get momiji,alex,and sam ready for the eastern regionals,the guys did very well sam 1st,momiji 4th,alex 5th.
started to train for the western regionals but i had to pull my trainee out due to an ankle injury,which was a bummer as alicia was doing quite well.
started to go through the motions of hiring staff for the second cafe,which meant loads of training to get the new staff up to speed,some didnt survive so i kept up the mission in search of staff.which meant not being in the cafe for over 2 months in the dungeon,kylie looked after the cafe as i wasnt there that much,do miss the regulars.
went to the calgary tattoo convention,got bummed out as i found out that my chosen artist was sent home by the canadian immigration….boo-urns.
in steps nick chaboya who answered my desparate email the night before,by this time i came to the realisation that kyie and i arent getting any ink done,when lo and behold the ink gods smiled on us and granted us ink.7 hours later i had a new calf piece which also took out tattoo of the day,thanks nick,i cant wait to get some more ink off you in cali,sorry i couldnt make it to the barcelona and london convention.
whistler had their first snowfall last week…woo hoo,bring that shit on,so over summer and fake tans and tanning salons

tommorrow we have a soft opening for wicked 2,and a good friend of mine jenny goes back to switzerland after visiting me,its been almost 5 years since i saw her last,so cool to catch up

the bosses had a baby boy…yay for mihwa and brad.oh and woo hoo for their other baby….wicked 2