The Mighty Green Falls in Oz

Posted: July 29, 2008 in cafes, Coffee, travel, Uncategorized, weather

So news so far at home is that Starbucks will close 61 stores in Australia,with 85 stores nationally,it would be a huge dent on the market.

Although Im not sad to see them pull up stumps and go.
I remember the early days in Sydney When they first came into town and opened up near the cafe i was working at in Chatswood and the staff at Starbucks Would walk around to our place and harrass the customers with their versions of a short black served in a plastic cup,and our customers would just look at the guys and look at me to see if that was cool to do and i would say go ahead put it up against the one i made you and see which one you like.The look on the faces was just priceless.

I was probably a little sadistic at that point,so instead of letting the pain continue i had to ask the starbucks staff not to harass my customers again.

With the Australian espresso culture being so strong i am surprised that they managed to have survived so long,but then again what would the international students drink?

  1. melfri says:

    The international students will always have their cheep beer.

  2. arthurwynne says:

    beer is always good,although the best espresso stout ive ever had was in montreal in a brew pub called diue de ciel,i think thats how its spelt

  3. espressoschool says:


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