How to murder a cocktail

Posted: December 12, 2007 in Blogroll, Cocktails, Coffee, snow, snowmobile, Tattoo, Uncategorized, weather

Its been so long since the last time i wrote about cocktails.
So ive been surfing for some videos or so of cocktails just to get some inspiration from bartenders,and what i found almost made me sick,bartenders killing classic drinks such as this offering from with their version of the irish coffee.doesnt really have that much substance on the drink apart from slapping it all together

Compared to this offering from Angus Winchester,Mixologist extrodanaire and i believe he’s into molecular mixology as well,which is crossing over from food,coffee and now into cocktails which is quite exciting.

Angus’s delivery and short history on this drink (daquiri),is a pleasure to watch,to see a talented bartender deliver this drink well with the step by step guide on technique,a good way to learn if your a budding home mixologist.

A good book for any budding mixologist would be Craft of the Cocktail by Dale De Groff,a great read and a must for any working bartender

  1. Tasos says:

    It is the worst preperation of Irish Coffee, that i have EVER seen!!

    I was very lucky being last year a judge in World Coffee in Good Spirits competition in Belgium and i tasted the best Irish coffees, ever.
    This year i hope i will compete… CU there. 😉

  2. Perrys says:

    I Hope my Friend Tasos Will make the best Irish in the world!!
    And the best article i ever read about Irish was from you Arthur, Thanks.

  3. arthurwynne says:

    hey perry,
    i wish tasos the best of luck in the comp,its a pity i cant make it there to support and drink all the drinks.good luck and take lots of pictures

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