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Home Coming

Posted: August 8, 2007 in Tattoo, Uncategorized

So i took a trip back to Australia,and it has been a while since i have been home.
i caught up with an old friend,who inked me a few years back,he has since moved from inner vision in surry hils to tatudharma in chippendale.
so i dropped in on nathan at the studio to say hi and hang out for a while.
after a while chatting nathan asked what i was up to on the weekend and i said i had family things to do in katoomba and he said….
id love to tattoo you before you go back to canada as i havnt seen you in a while and it might be a while before i see you again and that he was booked till march….
so after talking it over with kylie we came to an understanding and i was booked in to get inked.
but that meant driving back to sydney from katoomba early in the morning for an 8:30 am session.
i tell you what,theres nothing better than running on a couple of cans of v and the idea of getting tattoed to get things racing,mind you its been a year since i had my last bit of ink done from zulu tattoo in dublin from justin and sean,and i was amped.
so i decided to get something done on my knee cap and let nathan go at it.and seeing as i was off to tokyo he tattoed a hannya mask on my knee.

and so it begins…..




halfway mark…..


unfortunately i dont have a finished picture uploaded yet but nathan did a great job,especially tattooing over old skating scars so i will have pick of those soon as i take a pic,so a huge thank you goes out to him on a job well done