Posted: July 27, 2007 in beer, Blogroll, Coffee, Tattoo, travel, Uncategorized, weather

So im sitting here in a hotel in asakusara,wondering when in hell it will ever drop in temperature.
since i have arrived into tokyo i have consumed a lot of liquids,mostly what i initially thought of as disgusting when i first saw it in a vending machine in takashimadaira station.the machine had a huge sign called pocari i was a little intimidated when i looked at it in the vending machine.
what the hell were they selling here?
thoughts of sumo wrestlers harvesting their sweat after a hard days wrestling and manhandling each other in the heat and then bottling the sweat to sell to everyone to drink kinda got me on guard.
but being so parched and dry as a nun,i took the plunge and dropped in 120 yen and the machine quietly dispensed my sumo sweat.
so upon opening the bottle and taking a huge swig,to my surpise all it tasted of was i read a little more of the lable and the whole thing was explained to me.
it was like gatorade or any of the other electrolyte drinks on the market which was a huge relief.
i also noticed a lot of canned coffee that all the kids are drinking,mind you i tried it but it wasnt something i liked.


canned coffee….


this is what i loved the most…150 yen for 200mls of sake goodness


and i also liked this….
270 yen for half a litre can of asahi


  1. Mike Yung says:

    I miss Pocari Sweat! It’s pretty famous drink all around Asia… In Hong Kong people drink it as much as they do Sprite… It tastes pretty refreshing (not too sweet) but hands-down the name is the best part… don’t you think?

  2. arthurwynne says:

    love that name too…hmmmmm pocari sweat arghllla…arghllla

  3. Jaanus Savisto says:

    It was quite refreshing though, inspite the name… there were lots of other ridiculous drinks aswell, don`t you find? things like shochu, sake, biru…haha…

    anyway, Arthur, just wanted to let You know what a huge honour was pulling shots side by side with You at the WBC Cafe… was about the best experience from Tokyo… Cheers mate!!

  4. Shennen says:

    Pocari’s are a small rodent that is native to Hokkaido. Unlucky for them their secretions taste a lot like watermelon and is very high in electrolites…

    So they say…

  5. mick kelly says:

    yo aurther,Tracked you down and delighted i did.Sounds like all is well,sorry i am so bad with the catching up but i will from now on.Hi to kyley.Stay in touch

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