Posted: July 27, 2007 in Tattoo, Uncategorized, yakuza

So this is what i found out last night,if you ever want to see anything for free in tokyo get the book tokyo for free….
as i was flicking through the book making notes on places to see round tokyo,one of them was tsukiji fish markets but unfortunately i didnt bring boots to wear with me to walk through the markets but i will try to go there when i have some plastic bags to cover my sneakers and do it ghetto style.
the other thing was sumo,yesterday a young sumo rode by me while i was walking round asakusa checking out places to so happens that there is a sumo stable close by.if you wanted to visit a sumo stable the best thing to do was ring to get permission to drop by and watch the big boys go throught their training regime and watch how they go about their daily routine,from the apprentices all the way to the champions.and i believe the sumos are pretty fast as well.
i did get a photo of these guys at a traditional communal bath




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