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Road Trip

Posted: June 19, 2007 in Coffee

So i just got off the phone to Deaton,he’s back at home in Sydney chilling out and waiting for a visa for the U.S. when i caught him out as he was trying to find his way around the city.
So i ask him
A:mate what are you doing?
D:trying to find this cafe
A:where are you?
D:Surry Hills
D:what was the name of that cafe that you said you roasted at?
A:Single origin…its near central station on reservoir st,the owner is gavin tell him i said hello and you should try out their pies if theyre still doing them for the winter,oh and by the way its hard to get parking near the cafe so go up the hill a little way till you get to the round about and parking should be cool,theres a few cool cafes close to each other there……
D:mate i gotta go and try to park,and can you do me a favour?
A:what mate?
D:can you bring me back some coffee when you come home?
A:sure mate ill swap you a bag for a cd
D:done,ill see you next week
i love technology,its fun when you can reach a friend half way across the world and give them street directions of your old neighbourhood.
So im off home back to Australia for a few weeks as my sister is getting married,mind you its been 3 years since ive been home and im getting quite excited to see people and visit my old haunts and do a cafe crawl and im also off to melbourne and i cant wait to visit some of the cafes and bars there,although it will be winter when we go back,the beautiful summer weather that we had here in vancouver has turned and cooled off slightly as if it was acclimatising me for the Australian winter.
Last weekend saw me pulling a few shifts at Phil & Sebastian at the farmers markets there in calgary,i remember the days of working the farmers markets in dublin with Mick Kelly of Ariosa Coffee Roasters in the middle of winter when the rain would be going every which way and pulling espresso in almost extreme conditions made the day interesting.the only difference here was the whole farmers were undercover which was fantastic and all the market stalls and sense of community with everyone there is one of the biggest thing i do miss,and the constant banter between stalls.


a few people dropped in to say hello,fellow wickeder Peter Van Der Reep who went back to calgary for the summer to work dropped in for a shot or two and a barista from Bumpy’s Ben Put and his girlfriend Tara McAuley stopped by.
I didnt get a chance to drop into Bumpys as i was on a pretty tight schedule,but next time im around calgary i will make sure i drop in to say hi.



i also had a chance to work side by side with Kat formerly of cafe fantastico in victoria,i had a pleasure of meeting her last summer when she competed in the nationals and i was one of the judges,her overall technique had changed a fair bit,as she had taken a lot from her i asked her whether she was thinking of entering this year she said she would like to do it again but would like to practice a lot more as she had been quite busy with her relocation and hadnt had a chance to dork on keep your eyes peeled for her.


i also dropped into canmore to a cafe called communitea.lovely big cafe gorgeous pastries which reminded me of my time in france so i asked who made the patries,and alex said it was gourmet pastries and the man who made it was a frenchman,he did mention his name but im pretty crap with name upon first meetings,so my bad but i will drop by there again as it was the best pastries this side of france,if only he was in vancouver….