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Posted: March 13, 2007 in Cocktails, Coffee

So,i went down to B.C. Liquor on the weekend,as it was raining quite heavily and was bored shitless at home,so i decided to blow some cash buying a few things to play with and get my creative juices flowing.
I ended up walking out of there with a bottle of Glayva,Hendricks Gin,Soho Lychee liquer and a bottle of Cacaca 61,not my preferred brand but it’ll have to do for now.

After enduring the walk home in the rain,i was thinking through what i could make with my newly acquired spirits that would go well as a coffee cocktail,so i brewed some Kenya from Intelligentsia in a french press.While i was waiting around for the coffee to brew i went hunting in my fridge to see what i can use,and i found some blueberry jam,some thyme,apples to juice.

With the coffee now brewed i poured out a cup to slightly cool while i made some sugar syrup with the thyme.
I then used about a teaspoon of blueberry jam into my mixing glass along with the same amount of thyme sugar syrup to the mix and added 30ml of the brewed coffee,so i then added some of the Hendricks and soho and stirred with ice till it cooled down enough to taste.To my amazement the taste resembled flat cola,if i had a little bit of soda to charge the drink it wouldve been interesting.

Mix number two,almost using the same ingredients as the first one,i replaced french pressed coffee to a shot of espresso,I also used Black Cat from Intelligentsia,and this time i added fresh apple juice,i shook it with lots of cracked ice till it was good and cold.Strained it into a cocktail glass.

The flavour i got kinda thew me off as i wasnt expecting it.What i got was Chocolate,reduced balsamic vinegar and a hint of thyme.I gave it to Kylie to do a tasting to see what flavours she picked up.Her first reaction was chocolate,and a slight coffee flavour and asked if i had used chocolate in the mix and so i told her that i hadnt used chocolate at all,and she was quite surprised.So ill do a lot more playing around with that till i get the right ratios to get a mostly chocolate finish to the drink so stay tuned……


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