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Been Playing

Posted: March 13, 2007 in Cocktails, Coffee

So,i went down to B.C. Liquor on the weekend,as it was raining quite heavily and was bored shitless at home,so i decided to blow some cash buying a few things to play with and get my creative juices flowing.
I ended up walking out of there with a bottle of Glayva,Hendricks Gin,Soho Lychee liquer and a bottle of Cacaca 61,not my preferred brand but it’ll have to do for now.

After enduring the walk home in the rain,i was thinking through what i could make with my newly acquired spirits that would go well as a coffee cocktail,so i brewed some Kenya from Intelligentsia in a french press.While i was waiting around for the coffee to brew i went hunting in my fridge to see what i can use,and i found some blueberry jam,some thyme,apples to juice.

With the coffee now brewed i poured out a cup to slightly cool while i made some sugar syrup with the thyme.
I then used about a teaspoon of blueberry jam into my mixing glass along with the same amount of thyme sugar syrup to the mix and added 30ml of the brewed coffee,so i then added some of the Hendricks and soho and stirred with ice till it cooled down enough to taste.To my amazement the taste resembled flat cola,if i had a little bit of soda to charge the drink it wouldve been interesting.

Mix number two,almost using the same ingredients as the first one,i replaced french pressed coffee to a shot of espresso,I also used Black Cat from Intelligentsia,and this time i added fresh apple juice,i shook it with lots of cracked ice till it was good and cold.Strained it into a cocktail glass.

The flavour i got kinda thew me off as i wasnt expecting it.What i got was Chocolate,reduced balsamic vinegar and a hint of thyme.I gave it to Kylie to do a tasting to see what flavours she picked up.Her first reaction was chocolate,and a slight coffee flavour and asked if i had used chocolate in the mix and so i told her that i hadnt used chocolate at all,and she was quite surprised.So ill do a lot more playing around with that till i get the right ratios to get a mostly chocolate finish to the drink so stay tuned……


Time flies

Posted: March 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

Where has time gone?

Febuary is done and its been a while since i posted anything.
A lot has happened since with the coffee kids auction where i gave up my services to train people as a barista at the cafe.
Also Wicked has been hopping with people as we are getting an influx of new regulars coming in and enjoying the ambience and the coffee,so ive been training new staff and re-training old staff as well and getting everyone calibrated so the consistency is the same across the board.

With March well on the way,a few of the old staff and also new ones,have been on my case to help them with getting prepped for the next canadian barista comp.With the central canadians coming up in April,i’ll be helping my friend Matt get ready for the comp in April,which means a trip to Intelligentsia in chicago to do a mock run to get some feed back.

The reason ive been a lazy arse is ive been hitting the mountain as much as i can while the snow is around,had some great powder days and took some great pictures last week,but alas i lost my camera somewhere in them hills when i went tumbling like a tossed rag doll,and didnt even notice it until i wanted to capture some awesome terrain pictures at dusk,and let me just say how pissed off i was,so i decided to bomb down the hill as fast as i can,which was kinda stupid as i was close to pulling a sonny bono.

Although the sheer speed and the silence was something else,so i finally got over it and enjoyed the rest of the session.