Description of equipment

Posted: December 24, 2006 in Cocktails


there are two types of shakers shown here,a boston shaker and a cobbler shaker.
the boston shaker comes in two parts a toughened glass half and the tin which has a slightly wider lip than the glass allowing the two parts to come together to form a seal so they can be shaken safely without coming apart.the glass part is also used in strirring cocktails with ice for example when your making a martini…..
the cobbler shaker entirely made of steel,the top of the cobbler has a smaller cap which has its own strainer,quite easy to use,just add all the ingredients shake,take off the cap and pour into the glass.


speed pourers makes it easier to consistently pour providing a thin stream of alcohol and they fit into the necks of the blade makes a speedier way of opening beer bottles.tea strainer alows you to double strain a cocktail to stop chunks of unwanted fruit or ice into drinks.a peeler and a zester for making garnish


a bar spoon is a long handled teaspoon used for stirring in a tall glass,light muddling of mint and layering of shots or floats,a hawthorne strainer for straining out ice it fits neatly into the boston glass.muddling stick for juice extraction from fruit and bashing herbs,and also an ice scoop


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