Classic Cocktails

Posted: December 24, 2006 in Cocktails


as summer slowly fades for another year i would like to give one last toast before the weather turns.a drink that i like to indulge in from time to time is a well made mint julep or the mighty mojito.both drinks remind me of summer where you lounge around in boardies and thongs(flip flops)and the sound of the surf in the background.although for some,the mint julep is an all american tipple that has its roots deeply imbedded in the south,a placewhere the humidity of summer in the afternoon hangs heavy in the air and after a hard day days work the only thing that would quench your thirst is this drink,while you put your feet up to relax and watch the sunset.
my take on this wonderful beverage would be………..

mint julep

60 mls of woodford reseve bourbon
handful of mint leaves
1 tbls caster sugar
crushed ice

glass :old fashioned

garnish: mint sprigs

method: muddle mint leave in the mixing glass with the sugar to release the oils and aroma from the mint,add a little of the bourbon and crushed ice,now transfer the mix into the old fashioned glass,top up with more ice stir and add the rest of the bourbon stir again and top up with more crushed ice and garnish with mint sprigs

mojito is cubas national drink originating in havana,now made by bartenders in all corners of the globe.hemmingway drank mojitos in la bodeguita del medio,a bar im yet to drink at and hopefully will soon.originally a farmers drink in the early 1820’s it has elevated from its humble begginings and drunk by all.


60mls havana anejo rum
handful mint sprigs
half lime quartered
2 tbls caster sugar
soda water
crushed ice

glass: old fashioned

garnish: mint sprigs

method: add mint sugar and limes in the mixing glass and muddle together,pour contents into old fashioned glass add ice and stir.then add the rum,stir add a slpash of soda water,stir and top off with crushed ice.


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